Australian Shepherd performs challenging trick combination

Published August 27, 2020 13,727 Views $6.61 earned

This 4 year old Australian Shepherd named Morty and his owner got a very special bond which they show off on these very special and awesome tricks. First trick is called a backstall with sit pretty. It requires a lot of balance and muscle control and is a great build up for their next trick.

The second trick is a combination of footstall sit pretty and kind of a handstand. It’s more like acroyoja and took both, owner and dog, a tremendous amount of training. His builds up the bond and trust between them which is definitely needed for the last trick.

For the last trick, Morty jumps into his owner arms to get up onto a seat on a table. He then sits down back to the edge and lets himself fall backwards on command. This trick is called trustfall and like the name says, for this trick a special bond and trust is needed.

The owner is a student and Morty is his first dog. To train tricks like this just became a hobby and the tricks just got more and more advanced. They both have so much fun working together and because Australian Shepherds were breed for working Morty loves to learn, train and work on stuff. He also appreciates every second his owner spends time with him. Such a awesome, beautiful and loving dog.

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