The Permanent Coup with Lee Smith

Published August 25, 2020 2,823 Views

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  • mozandy, 3 weeks ago

    I still believe that Crowdstrike lied to drag Russia into the DNC hacking story and it’s more likely that Seth Rich used a thumbdrive to get the emails and give them to Wikileaks. Why else would Julian Assange offer $20k for info leading to the arrest of some DNC database guy that got shot in DC. We must get Julian Assange testimony that was blocked by Comey in early 2017.

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  • scottdavislasvegas, 3 weeks ago

    WHY did they launch the RUSSIA Hoax? Why did they run this PLAY, FUSION GPS had it in their playbook from years past. THEY needed a distraction for the public and news to stay away from the CONTENTS of the Emails Podesta/DNC? and #SETHRICH . Why hasn't #JulianAssange the "missing link" in the Russia Hack connection ever been subpoenaed or deposed? #PizzaGateIsReal #FlynnKnows #FetullahGulen

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  • larsbro, 3 weeks ago

    George Webb has been explaining the weaponization of covid since the first of the year. Also killary's blackberries for 4 years.

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  • _markymark_, 3 weeks ago

    Just purchased Lee's book. Please keep up the great work and hopefully we can hold these people accountable. Cheers.

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  • robert9905, 3 weeks ago The coup against President Trump goes on. I just ran into this article and am trying to share it with Devon Nunes.

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  • clong, 3 weeks ago

    I would like an explanation as to why Director Wray, a Trump appointee, is not forthcoming with much-needed documents explaining this whole fiasco. Is he part of the cover up for the Democrats?

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  • mistyloy, 3 weeks ago

    very informative Thanks Devin

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  • Noma, 3 weeks ago

    What you say is so true. After The Prez, I doubt anyone else wants to see these bad guys go down as much as you do but as AG Barr said, "these things take time", as frustrating as it is. 😔 As the saying goes, it's the victors who write history and that is why Pres Trump has to win in Nov. 🙏

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