"Bahloul" is Whale Shark in Hurghada, Egypt

Published August 19, 2020 90 Views

Rumble The Whale Shark, known locally as “Bahloul” was seen in the Red Sea in Egypt
The appearance of this type of immigrant fish during this time of the year is normal, and although identified as one of the shark species, ‘Bahloul’ is a peaceful fish, not a predator,”
The Whale Shark is slow-moving with dotted skin and, despite its size that may reach 12 meters; it feeds mainly on plankton – microscopic plants and animals. The docile fish is also endangered and its hunting has been outlawed.
Special regulations have been stated and announced regarding the Whale Sharks in the Red sea. “It’s extremely forbidden for anyone to touch it or to try to change its track. We are keen on keeping everything natural,”

Please, keep a safe distance when viewing the shark. Never intend to touch the whale or swim after it, rather allow it to swim freely. Also, avoid using a flash light while taking photos.

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