Did you know that squirrels make noises like this?

Published August 15, 2020 70 Views

So, here's a noisy grey squirrel in a tree. I was recently asked, while walking through the woods, what that noise was and I responded: a squirrel. The person who had asked me looked at me in disbelief and I could not prove it as we could not spot the squirrel. So, even though I knew it was a squirrel, because we have a few in our garden and I am quite familiar with their noises and behaviour, the person who asked me who was making the noise, did not believe me. A few days later however, I was able to take this footage of a squirrel making these noises. Granted, the footage is not great, it's shaky and there is a lot of background noise, I cut out the noise where cars were rushing past drowning out the squirrel's noise, but fact of the matter is that the creatures make these noises. I love the way their tail twitches to match the noises. What you cannot really hear on this clip is that this squirrel got a response from another squirrel further in the distance. So this is their way to communicate, what they are saying to each other, I cannot explain, as I am no expert, however I am pleased I got this on camera. Maybe next time I can take my time and use a tripod for better and steadier filming :) In addition to these noises, they also hiss like an angry cat, maybe I'll get that recorded one day as well :) I hope you enjoyed it and even learned something new. We are surrounded by beauty and there's always something new to be discovered in nature

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