The most beautiful sea turtle in the ocean is the critically endangered hawksbill

Published August 12, 2020 2,058 Views $1.81 earned

The hawksbill sea turtle is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the sea turtles. It's shell is ornate and colourful, with a mix of black, grey, and golden yellow coloring. The beauty of their shells nearly brought them to extinction as they were hunted to make hair brushes and other items. Conservation and changes in the law now protect this critically endangered turtle and the populations are slowly rebounding.

These hawksbill turtles were very fascinated with this diver and his camera. They circled around and inspected him closely.

Usually shy and reclusive, hawksbill sea turtles will often swim away from humans who venture near. This dive provided memories that will last a lifetime. To interact with endangered animals on their own terms, like this, is a beautiful experience.

Belize is home to many wonderful and fascinating creatures. Each trip beneath the waves is a completely different experience. The beauty of the coral and the fish who live among them is difficult to describe adequately. But humans are wise to approach all animals with respect and caution. We are guests in this underwater domain and our actions can have a devastating effect if we are not careful.

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