Rumble: Censorship-Free Content with Rumble CEO

Published August 11, 2020 6,641 Views

Rumble Rumble: Censorship-Free Content with Rumble CEO

The Devin Nunes Podcast


  • WelshRabbit, 5 weeks ago

    YAW!!! A good alternative to Google's Youtube. Thanks, Devin. I discovered Rumble through your Podcast.

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  • Richardkaer, 5 weeks ago

    We need a rumble app!

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    • chrisrumble, 5 weeks ago

      We have one! It's called Rumble - Video Battles in both the App Store and Android Store.

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      • Cmaker3, 5 weeks ago

        Thanks. I was wondering why there's no app. Just downloaded it.

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      • Eortiz777, 5 weeks ago

        Thank you, I was Wondering and looking for an app.

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      • Parousia, 5 weeks ago

        Just installed the app, but one issue I have is that one cannot fast forward, either in the app or on the website. I was halfway through the video when Safari refreshed and the video started playing from the beginning, with no way of getting back to where I was without just playing the video. Am I missing something or is this something you’re working on?

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  • Steve_O, 5 weeks ago

    Thank you Devin for all your good work on this topic.

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  • Lynn007, 5 weeks ago

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just joined.

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  • winkeldinkel, 5 weeks ago

    The censorship on Facebook and Twitter is out of control and blatantly obvious. I'm glad people are fighting back and offering alternatives to the "Big Brother" of social media....

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  • mayneworry, 5 weeks ago

    Thank you Devin Nunes for your podcast, and thank you Chris Pavlovski for rumble. Today in this world you both are a breath of fresh air.

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  • Panthers, 5 weeks ago

    Thank you Mr. Nunes for this new "free speech" platform and Rumble. Please get this out information out to others...perhaps Potus too! Need an app to Rumble.

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  • DuaneFromAZ, 5 weeks ago

    Thanks Devin. Can I call you Devin? :) I have been searching for alternatives. Just joined Rumble. Joined Parler maybe a month ago.

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    • RocknCruise, 5 weeks ago

      Parler is goo too. We have 2 great alternatives now!! :)

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  • jdwitney, 5 weeks ago

    Really enjoy these podcasts Devin...Thanks! Because of you I'm now posting and learning to Rumble.

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  • Meggin25, 5 weeks ago

    Hi im new and im spreading Rumble to my siblings and friends hope they join :)

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  • JDW, 5 weeks ago

    I hope it works. It needs content.

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    • RadianceLux, 5 weeks ago

      Yeah more then just cat videos 😉

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  • RocknCruise, 5 weeks ago

    I found Rumble thru this vid on youtube I love RUMBLE!!!

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  • rrussell, 5 weeks ago

    Thanks Devin, I just joined Rumble.

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  • Rvcarter, 5 weeks ago

    Thank you for alerting me to Rumble. I'm switching over from Youtube.

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  • Noma, 5 weeks ago

    Your rant about YouTube made me giggle 😁. Happy to be on Rumble. Deleted the YouTube app from my phone on Monday. I miss neither Twitler nor YouTube.

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  • EMAR2060, 5 weeks ago

    Thanks Devin. Great to be in Rumble

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  • Glaser, 5 weeks ago

    Devin, Google is a monopoly and needs to be broken up like AT&T.

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  • PrairieDog, 5 weeks ago

    Great efforts, BRAVO.

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  • SandyMayaMatzen, 5 weeks ago

    very informative, thank you.

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  • April50, 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for pointing me and others to Rumble! We needed a way to hear you. Thanks again and God Bless!

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  • smithaz1981, 5 weeks ago

    awesome podcast

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  • haushill12, 5 weeks ago

    I am very glad that USA has politicians like you and I am a big fan of your. I spread the word of Rumble and Parler. 82 more days till the election and President Trump will be re-elected. Four more years to drain the swamp. OAN interview a contender of whom is running against Shifty Shift. That would be GREAT if that two faced liar would be thrown out of the swamp.

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  • kybraa, 5 weeks ago

    Glad To See A New Site !!!! Learning How To Use This Site And Rumble ..

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  • Ohio5258, 5 weeks ago

    So tired of Facebook kicking me off because I support President Trump.

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  • Leelee18, 5 weeks ago

    New to rumble..looks good!

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  • BehemothCat, 5 weeks ago

    Comment section needs reply option. ;) For those saying Rumble needs app - go to . You welcome. :)

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  • TIMZEMM, 12 hours ago

    I started a YouTube channel almost a year ago and am still not monetized, where here, I started just this week and am monetized. I also noticed that when I took a video from YouTube and also uploaded it here, YouTube took away my views and hours from that video and posted it as a new video so I would have to wait even longer to be monetized. I don't know what their game is, but glad I'm here and looking forward to a great new start. Thank you all so much!

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  • Resistancefire, 1 day ago

    What qualifies as the correct creator @17:56? What is Rumble looking for? Is he saying basically if you arent PC enough you are not going to make money?

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  • Wyo, 3 days ago

    Thank you for all you do Devin, We love you!

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    • GaryLovesLiberty, 22 hours ago

      Thanks for stopping by. Now you know you don't have to waste time here and you save valuable electrons.

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      • ChevChelios, 22 hours ago

        I unplugged five weeks ago smart guy. Thanks for triggering an email to me. Smh. I see no input as to how was mistaken, lol.

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        • GaryLovesLiberty, 18 hours ago

          I never said that you were mistaken. I only congratulated you for finding out that wasn't an added value for your life and you can devote all of your time to YouTube and save those the electrons that you would have wasted on for the greater good. You are truly very welcome.

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      • ChevChelios, 17 hours ago

        What is “YouTube”? I super appreciate your help. BTW is there an electron shortage I need to be worried about? What are good ways to conserve them?

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