Awesome time lapse of gigantic herd of wild konik horses

Published August 9, 2020 2,447 Views

Rumble / Time LapsesYou can see some patterns of horse behavior. "Bands" are two or more horses gathering in the wild. These bands exist of mares, foals and yearlings and are protected by a stallion. The family groups are strong. Sometimes there are fights to take over a "harem". Of course the stallion tries to protect his band as good as possible. In this video you will see two horses trying to impress and protect their bands.

This timelapse video is made in the Oostvaardersplassen, a nature reserve in the Netherlands. Horses are such beautiful creatures and have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Horses diets do not consist of any meat, they are herbivores. A male horse is called a stallion and a female horse is called a mare. If a horse is standing up, it doesn't mean it's awake, horses can sleep both standing and sitting, that's pretty impressive! Horses care about each other very much, no matter what, one horse will always be awake. A group of horses will never all be sleeping, there is always one keeping watch. There is an estimated amount of 60 million horses around the world, that's a lot, wow!

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