Golden Retriever takes the meaning of "corn dog" to a whole new meaning

Published August 8, 2020 3,739 Views $4.95 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEver since Willow, the golden retriever, was a young pup, she would always hop up onto a small shelf under the dining room table whenever her owners were eating. She would never beg, but she would sit quietly under the table until everyone was done eating. Often, Willow's owners would find her sound asleep under the table after they were finished their meal. She was so cute!

Fast forward 5 years, and Willow is still crawling up on that small shelf, despite her being a full grown dog! It takes her a while to climb up on the shelf, wiggling herself around until she is finally settled in. Now that she's full grown, her muzzle often finds its way into your lap during dinner. She's still as cute as ever.

The summer harvest is starting to yield fantastic corn on the cob this year and tonight Willow was treated to her very own cob of corn. Will she eat it like a typewriter, or does she go around the world? Watch the video to see! In no time flat, she's expertly eaten that cob of corn - her hoomans couldn't have done it better!

Good girl Willow!