This electric motorcycle is made from natural and recyclable materials

Published August 7, 2020 1,116 Views $0.10 earned

Rumble Tarform hopes to set a new standard with its motorcycles by building bikes with sustainability in mind and zero waste.


  • Hoangquoc, 5 weeks ago

    two too. how can i do like you

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  • Assmaechannel, 5 weeks ago


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  • MerchantofCool, 6 weeks ago

    24 thousand? Really? OH I can see people beating the doors down for this bike!!! NOT!!!

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  • DrBob1989, 6 weeks ago

    Rather pricey for a recycled motorcycle!

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  • Faticho, 6 weeks ago


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  • quangvinh1, 4 weeks ago


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  • Demings, 5 weeks ago

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