Heroic Mama Dog Saves Puppies From Drowning

3 years ago

Occurred on July 24, 2020 / Đăk Nông, Việt Nam

Info from Licensor: "This mom dog dug a hole and gave birth to 6 puppies nearby the bank of the lake. However, when it rained, the water rose and might submerge the hole, and the mom dog came to my house and asked for help. At first, she only rescued 2 babies cause she didn't know how much puppies were stuck in the hole. I, therefore, have to take away those 2 puppies from her and put them in another corner to make her think of the other puppies having been stuck in the hole. I used a flashlight to help her come into the hole to pull her babies out. Luckily, all of her babies were rescued and got well."

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