The Incredible Teen With Butterfly Skin | BORN DIFFERENT

Published August 5, 2020 191 Views

Rumble DESPITE being born with an incredibly painful skin disease – the same disease that killed his older brother, Marky Jaquez is hoping to inspire others with his positive outlook on life. Marky, 19, was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa, often referred to as EB. Despite the severity of the condition, he has always tried to live his life to the full. Marky told Truly: “I really like it when people tell me that they’re proud of me and that I’m strong and brave.” Marky, who lives in Kansas, has Recessive Dystrophic type of EB, meaning that both of his parents had to carry the gene for Marky to receive the disease. His mum, Melissa, cares for her son full-time and describes him as a “joyous kid”. Despite his positive nature, Marky is no stranger to pain – both physical and emotional. Marky’s brother, Carlos, was born a year earlier than Marky with the same type of EB. In 2013, Carlos passed away from the disease at the age of 14. Thankfully for Marky, he has his older brother, Michael, who he’s incredibly close to. Michael isn’t Marky’s only best friend; he also has his two American Bullies – Cephas and King David. The dogs are emotional support pets and help distract Marky when he is having his bandages changed. Despite the severity of Marky’s disease, he enjoys living his life, spending time with family, pets and his church community. “I think that’s why I attract people to me; I really enjoy making a bunch of friends.”