Drone captures unique perspective of rural farm during hay season

Published August 3, 2020 1,372 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsDrones allow us to see things from a very unique perspective. It was once only possible to see the world from the air by going up in an airplane and looking down. But now, drones with ultra high resolution cameras are becoming very popular for capturing images from above. We can now view the earth below in real time or on a video with stunning colour and detail.

Farms are interesting places to see from above. There is no way to fully appreciate the size of a hay field or other crop until you can see it all in one image. Standing on the ground, it appears completely different. As farmers on this operation in Ontario, Canada scrambled to get their hay rolled and stored before a coming thunderstorm, the drone operator decided to record the action from the sky. The drone is flying at full speed over two huge fields but the footage is actually sped up to three times normal to take it all in more quickly. The bales of hay are well over 2m (six feet) in diameter but they look tiny from this vantage point. Even the truck, visible in the distance looks like a small toy from so high up.

This view also provides a full appreciation for just how much work farmers do to harvest the crop from such a large field.