Puppies play an adorable game with their new stuffed toy

These puppies are eight weeks old and everything is a new and exciting experience for them. When they were given a new stuffed toy, the entire litter wanted it. The puppies spend their day playing, sleeping, and drinking milk. It's a good life that they live on this beautiful farm in the country. They roam through meadows, forest and explore around the pond. They are always under the watchful eye of the owners, as well as their parents.

The puppies are the love children of a beautiful Maremma Sheepdog with a very sweet personality, and the father, a strapping Bernese Mountain Dog. The two of them found a stolen moment right before their planned trip to the veterinarian for some family prevention. The puppies are a beautiful accident that has brought a lot of joy to this farm.

Each of these puppies has also found a carefully selected forever home and they will be on their way in a few more days. But for now, they are perfectly content to wrestle over a toy that is almost as fluffy as they are!

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