Tweets From Women That Might Make You Laugh

Published July 31, 2020 244 Views

Rumble With their smart and succinct wit, the women of Twitter are always on target.
Every week, HuffPost Women publishes the funniest 280 character musings from the ladies.
Here's a few from this week:
@Kristen_Arnett tweets, "You can use chicken strips as money that is why they are called tender."
@sablaah explains, "At the beginning of pandemic: I am going to get abs and learn to do the splits..currently in pandemic: I should start smoking cigarettes
@eggy_boom writes, "I miss being at a bar with friends and wishing I was at home."
@karencheee adds, "business idea: books w/ the pages numbered backwards so it counts down how many pages you have left (exciting!)"
And @janellejcomic tweets "If you're over 35 whatever you're about to buy, you already have it. Two in some cases. Go look."