Friendly baby shark approaches scuba divers for a little love

Published July 31, 2020 5,300 Views $8.90 earned

Nurse sharks are friendly and inquisitive creatures, likely to follow a scuba diver at a distance, or to come close for a brief inspection. But this baby shark in Belize seemed to want to follow these divers like a lost puppy would follow a boy home to stay.

The marine animals in the underwater world are fascinating and beautiful. At times, they are even entertaining. This juvenile shark delighted and amused these divers who had just returned from a deeper adventure on the reefs off San Pedro Island in Belize. Coming back over the grass bed to their boat, they were met by this curious little fellow who made a beeline for the group. He nudged them and swam under and around them, even seeming to want a little back scratch or a pat on the head.

Nurse sharks are carnivores, but their mouths are designed more for eating scraps or feeding on the bottom than they are for tearing off food from healthy prey. They pose little threat to divers, especially when they are so small. These divers were in no danger as the shark interacted with them. As tempting as it can be, touching marine life is rarely recommended as it creates a sense of trust and familiarity that can lead to unwanted behaviour. These divers just couldn't resist giving the poor little fellow at least a little love though!

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