1979 Harvester Scout Given New High-Tech Life | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published July 30, 2020 151 Views

Rumble A TEAM of SUV enthusiasts have created the perfect combination of the late 70s style and up to date tech by fully transforming a 1979 International Harvester Scout. Harvester Scout was created as a competitor to the Jeep, and it initially featured a fold-down windshield, with later models being produced in Indiana as two-door trucks with a removable hardtop. Mike Austin, Marshall Cantrill and Cody Dabney, from Pensacola, Florida, customise vintage trucks to today’s modern needs. The award-winning team, from Velocity Restorations, purchased a Harvester Scout from Texas and customised the vehicle to an ultimate dream ride. Cody told Barcroft Studios: “The build cost on this truck is very unique, it costs about $275,000. The other parts are hard to find, it's not something you're going to build every day…This is what we call a full turnkey rotisserie restoration.” The team put in a 430HP 6.2 L LS3 engine, with a 4L70E transmission, Dana 44 axles in the front and rear, added larger tyres, added LED light bar, VR custom bumpers, VR custom roll cage, a custom 3-dual exhaust and changed suspension around to get “everything fit and feeling good.” Marshall said: “It's all about the detail and the time invested into making it right.” The team has kept the original look of the truck, as according to Cody, “If you start changing too many features, you don't stay true to the brand. People like these trucks because of the look of it. They like the classic look, but the modern drivetrain feels, and that's what's very important about keeping a look at the truck.” The truck not only looks impressive but has got all modern amenities that makes it a particularly enjoyable ride.

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