Adorable new puppy is thrilled to receive his first toy

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBuddy is an adorable little puppy who has been brought home to his forever family. A mixed breed, he is part chihuahua, part terrier, part dachshund and possibly some others. His home is Belize, and the mixed breed dogs that run around on this island are referred to as "potcakes". The name comes from the old tradition of leaving pots outside by the back door after food had been badly burned and had become stuck on the pot. Far easier than washing them, the pots would be scraped clean by the hungry little stray dogs that roamed the streets at night. The dogs were often such a mix of breeds that it was a wild guess what breeds the pups had come from.

Buddy is a lucky little fellow who will be well cared for by his new family. Nito, known in the scuba diving world as "Big Sexy" has become very attached to the pup already and he has just presented him with his first toy, a stuffed bull named "Rex". Buddy instantly takes a liking to Rex and begins to shake him and toss him around. This behaviour is very common among terriers and it seems that Buddy has the playful predator instinct already.

Buddy's short legs make it difficult for him to keep his balance and he is adorably clumsy as he plays with the stuffed bull. Buddy is also very attached to Big Sexy and he cannot help but return and look for approval and attention after a few moments with his new friend. Buddy is living the good life on San Pedro Island and he will be a favourite among the scuba diving staff at Chuck & Robbie's Dive Shop and also with the guests, when they return to this paradise. Buddy looks like he would be very eager to accompany Big Sexy to work, as long as he can bring Rex along too.


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