Couple stalk vegetable garden "monsters" with night vision and black light

Published July 27, 2020 2,005 Views $0.05 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeKristy has always been an avid gardener, able to make almost any vegetable thrive, and her husband, Dave has always been happy to do the shoveling. He is also happy to help harvest and eat all the good things that come from her garden. This year, they planted twice as much of everything, just in case it was needed. Their tomato patch is huge, and with it, comes a huge problem. There is a garden "monster, know as the tomato hornworm. They are gigantic caterpillars that devour tomatoes and potatoes in record time. A few hornworms can strip a tomato plant of leaves entirely, killing the plant, and they will even eat the tomatoes. These beasts are so large that you can hear their jaws clicking as they eat. When threatened, the worms will click their jaws as a warning. Capable of actually biting, they are intimidating when full grown. The worms have a formidable spike at the end of their bodies that serves as a deterrent for predators, but they don't have the ability to inflict any actual injury.

Kristy and Dave wander through the tomatoes daily, picking the ripe ones and trying to spot the monsters but it is difficult to see these camouflaged invaders in the daylight. They blend in perfectly with tomato leaves.

Amazingly, the hornworms glow brightly when illuminated in the dark with a black light. Kristy got her hands on a small black light and the two of them set out after dark to see what they find. Shocked at how many worms they have missed, they start collecting them by the dozens. Their imaginations are even more vivid than the garden pests, however, and they are spooked and giggly as they make their way through the darkness. With the aid of the small light, they can see only faintly. They are also equipped with a camera to record the fun and they do so with the nightvision activated. Dave follows Kristy, able to only see through the camera viewfinder. They are awkward, clumsy, and full of laughter as they try out their new toy and battle the beasts.