Gigantic bull devours entire loaf of bread in 45 seconds

Published July 26, 2020 4,562 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsGus is a 2,000 pound bull who roams this beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. He is truly the king of the meadow as he grazes in the lush, green pasture with his herd of ladies. He has a vast expanse of countryside to explore, forested areas for shade, and ponds full of fresh water to drink. It's the best life possible for a bull.

Gus is huge and powerful, but he's exceptionally gentle. He has been well treated by the farmers and he responds well to kindness, and even affection. He will ask for a face rub or a head scratch on occasion. But his favourite thing of all is when a visitor brings him bread. Many cows love bread and it is a nutritious enough treat for them. Even in large quantities, cattle do well when fed baked goods of all kinds.

Gus has learned to spot a bread bag from far away and he trots over excitedly to see if it's for him. He sniffs expectantly and checks out each visitor. On this sunny day, Dave and Chris have stopped in and taken a little wander into the meadow. Gus takes a break from socializing with the cows and he heads right for Dave. It's a very daunting sight to see such a powerful beast coming toward you and Dave has one slice of bread to give him. As soon as it is gone, Dave tries to direct Gus to Chris, who has the rest of the loaf. Gus finds Chris and begins devouring the bread as quickly as Chris can stuff it in.

Gus has an enormous mouth and a slice of bread fits in it like a bank card fits into an ATM. Each slice disappears in an instant and the entire loaf is gone in 45 seconds. After there is no more food, Gus has a sniff of everybody's hand and he makes sure the bag is empty. He wanders casually back to his herd after a little pat and a head scratch.

Fiona and her young calf, Hope also came for a visit and Fiona eats the one slice of bread that Gus dropped on the ground.