Curious cow and calf come to visit an investigate camera

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese cows are living the good life on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. Life here is as close as possible to what nature intended. It's called an ethical farm and there are many important difference in how the animals are raised and treated.

Ethical farms refuse to produce veal, they don't separate calves from the mothers, and they place herd health above profit, so tat the animals get medical care, proper nutrition, and lots of outdoor space to roam and graze.

This is Fiona, a young mother and her first calf, Hope. Their friend is Dave, who lives near the farm. Dave became friendly with the farmers after he encountered a newborn calf on the outside of the electric fence. He helped get the calf back into the meadow and he met the farmers that day. It was then that he learned about ethical farming.

Dave now comes to visit these cows and to record them as they go about their business. Fiona was just a calf when Dave began hanging out in her meadow. Friendly, and naturally curious, she always wanted an ear rub and a head scratch. It helped that Dave always had corn in his backpack to give her a treat. Now that she has her own baby, Fiona has taught Hope that she can trust Dave. Hope is even more affectionate and friendly than Fiona is. Hanging out in the meadow with a bunch of friendly cows on a sunny day is a relaxing and entertaining experience that everybody should try.

Fiona is curious enough about the camera on a tripod that she actually knocks it over as she investigates it with a big sniff.