Brodie The 'Wonky Faced' Dog Proves It's Okay To Be Different | BIG DOGZ

Published July 22, 2020 4,476 Views

Rumble MEET the brave dog who has become a social media star - after being attacked by his own mother as a puppy. Brodie - the ‘Picasso masterpiece’ dog - is a one-year-old German Shepherd / Border Collie cross who now lives with cranial deformities. Amanda Richter, 30 and Brad Ames, 23, of Alberta, Canda, saw Old Macdonald Kennels’ Facebook post asking for applications to adopt him and, after deciding to visit, instantly fell in love. Amanda told Barcroft Studios: “And I literally looked at the picture and would cry and just be like, we have to go meet this dog.” Brad said: “I spent an hour with him. I had to take him home.” Brodie is a special needs dog because he needs a little bit of help with things. He is blind in one eye so he requires eye drops everyday and due to his fused jaw, cannot eat like other dogs. However, while he looks different, his owners said he behaves like any other dog. Brad told Barcroft Studios: “The disability doesn't slow him down in any way.” Brodie has become a bit of a social media sensation after Amanda set up an Instagram account for him - @bestboybrodie - so that people could keep up to date with his story and has over 150,000 followers. Amanda said: “He definitely looks like a little Picasso masterpiece for sure.” Amanda and Brad hope that after a bit of training, Brodie will become a therapy dog. Amanda said: “We'd like to take him maybe into old folks homes, children's hospitals, group homes for people that have disabilities, that kind of thing.”