Parents Sit Down and Explain Quarantine to Their Kids

Published July 16, 2020 191 Views

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Info from Licensor: We told the kids about school, dance, Jiu-Jitsu, church all shutting down and she started to go off. I missed probably the first 3 minutes.

My daughter is verbally processing her feelings surrounding the COVID-19 stay home order and what that means to her.

Let me give you some backstory (that you can confirm on my wife’s blog

Our family has had a heart for kids in foster care for 15 years. My wife and I started mentoring kids in Arizona foster care when we started dating. After getting married we went through 8 long years of infertility being unable to conceive. Thru some miraculous events, we were challenged that there were 14,000 kids in Arizona foster care and decided to open our hearts and our home to these kids. We became foster parents and in June 2013 were placed with an 11 month old baby boy. Child protective services told us when they dropped him off that he has a 5 year old sister and also that their mom was pregnant. 3 weeks later she came home and 4 months after that their baby brother came to us. We tried to help their mom get back on track, but sadly she was unable to. We adopted all 3 in October of 2014. Their bio-mom became pregnant again (all by different dads) and moved from AZ to NY to be with the dad. We lost touch with her and didn’t know how the baby would ever connect with its siblings. August of 2015 we move from AZ to TX. May of 2016 we get a call from 15 year friends of ours that have become foster parents back in AZ. They have been placed with a little girl and want us to meet her if we can some time when we come back to AZ to visit family. 2 weeks later, these friends call us and realize this 1 year old little girl is actually OUR THREE KIDS’ SISTER! She has a different last name (her bio-dads) but out of now 20,000 kids in Arizona foster care, they have been placed with our kids’ sister! That little girl they were place with, was our Blake that is in the video!! We have since adopted a fifth sibling, their baby sister as well as another bonus baby we were placed with in January of 2019.

I explain this all so you understand, we have a story to tell the world. We have had countless people reach out to us and say “I was adopted,” “I thought about foster care, but I was scared,” “my husband was in 6 homes before he was 6, thank you for telling a story similar to his and shedding light on this problem.”

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