Gorilla youngster chases rabbit around his enclosure

Published July 16, 2020 11,234 Views

Gorilla youngster Koundi, the western lowland gorilla youngster is from the Port Lympne Wildlife Park. He was born on the 12th of May 2016. He has some fun in this video, chasing after the rabbit, but the rabbit is just too fast for him and just hides in the rocks. Koundi has a look where the rabbit went and seemed surprised it's gone. So he huffs and walks off. When the rabbit comes back out, Koundi watches closely from his ropes. You get the impression the rabbit enjoys the chase as much as Koundi, as he just runs towards the gorilla youngster and past him like he wants to tease him. It worked and Koundi started the chase again. Watch the rabbit as it slows down around the wooden barrier like he is waiting for Koundi to catch up. In the end, he does give up and the rabbit happily munches on the grass. Kouni sits on the climbing frame and claps his hands.

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