Scuba diver records gigantic teeth of great barracuda

Published July 12, 2020 3,781 Views $3.78 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeBarracuda are enormous fish that grow to 2m long (6 feet). They have powerful jaws and gigantic teeth that are as large as those of a German Shepherd dog. Their teeth are much sharper than a dog's and there are a lot more of them in the barracuda's formidable jaws. Designed to slice a fish in half, the clamping pressure of their jaws is incredible.

Although they are terrifying in appearance, they are seldom aggressive, with the rare attacks on humans being almost exclusively improper behaviour on the part of the people, or mistaken identity. Barracuda are attracted to shiny objects that resemble fish scales and occasional isolated bites have been recorded in cases where it is believed that the barracuda mistook an object, such as jewelry, for food.

Barracuda are also capable of impressive speeds. Torpedo shaped and powerfully muscled, they can accelerate in just a few tail strokes to ambush fish.
Barracuda are a fascinating sight for seasoned divers who know that they pose no danger. A slow and cautious approach will often allow a diver a close look at the teeth that cause so much fear. This barracuda slowly swims off, flashing his teeth in a behaviour that is likely an assertion of his dominance over his territory. Wisely, the diver respects the distance.

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