GMC Sierra Converted Into Insane 'Green Envy' | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published July 9, 2020 86 Views

Rumble STARTING from what was a standard pickup truck, Oklahoma car enthusiast couple Jose and Rocio Lopez have created the car of their dreams. Jose told Ridiculous Rides: "It is really unique and awesome." Originally, they only planned on changing the colour of their GMC Sierra: "I went to the shop for that colour change and two years later, this happened," Jose continued. One thing led to another and Green Envy now boasts a custom-made hand-engraved chrome grill, green neon lights and a fibreglass speaker box. Various coloured crystals and chrome hand engravings decorate the interior of the car, including the steering wheel and pedals. And the conversion project was very much a family affair. Rocio said: "I did help Jose with the design because this is a vision that Jose and I have." However one of the features that was added to the truck was not made as a joint decision... Jose decided to have a mural painted on the hood that depicts his wife. "It makes me feel so good," said Rocio. Jose added: "To me Green Envy is worth a lot just because we've been building memories with our family - it's worth a lot to me."

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