My Ex-Con Husband is 25 Years Older Than Me | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published July 9, 2020 614 Views

Rumble WITH 25 years between them, couple Felicia and Adam Fredrickson are used to raised eyebrows but it’s not the age gap that has most concerned their loved ones. Talking of his ‘bad boy’ past, Adam has served time in prison and has a history of addiction before finally turning his life around. By the time he met Felicia, Adam was clean and volunteering with several rehab charities but his lengthy criminal record and jail time still alarmed Felicia’s parents. When the couple got married, the initial hope was that Felicia’s parents would be there on the day but it ended up being a small ceremony with just 16 guests – and without her parents. Felicia, 21, and Adam, 46, from Minnesota, hope to have a second bigger ceremony in October 2020. At the moment Felicia’s parents are not due to attend but Felicia is still in contact and they tentatively hope that the family can be reunited. The couple met at a fundraiser when she was 19 and he was 44. When the band was short of a couple of musicians, Adam and Felicia ended up performing on stage together. Not initially knowing the extent of the age gap, when the pair realised there was a quarter of a century between them, they thought they would just be friends.