Great Dane puppy goes full zoomies through freshly planted vegetables

Published July 7, 2020 21,487 Views $14.24 earned

When Covid 19 required lockdowns and caused concerns about future food supplies, Dave and Kristy decided to turn their back field into a vegetable patch. They dug and hoed and dug and hoed some more. They began getting ready to feed the family, and maybe even the neighbours. As concerns faded and food was still widely available, they decided to continue growing vegetables with all of their original enthusiasm. And they were not the only ones who were enthusiastic!

Raven is a ten month old Great Dane puppy with a playful nature. And, like all puppies, she gets the zoomies. She will suddenly start running full speed around the yard, around the garden, around Dave and Kristy, and sometimes, straight through the nice rows of tomotoes, potatoes, and squash that Kristy has planted. These fragile plants get torn to ribbons under the thundering paws of a Great Dane. Understandably, Kristy is no fan of Raven's garden antics and she scolds Raven, even turning the sprayer on her as she gallops past her and over the greens.

Like all puppies, Raven takes the scolding and spraying as encouragement and she runs through the garden even more. She seems to be hoping that somebody will join her or chase her. Few things are as graceful as a giant breed like a Dane at full gallop. Raven seems more like a horse trying out her new legs during these moments. She is adorably clumsy as she stumbles on some of her turns. Raven does this several times each day, and even though Kristy doesn't like it happening in the vegetables, it's better than having it happen in the house as it often does in the morning.

Great Danes are a majestic and lovable breed. They are fiercely loyal and make excellent family members and companions. It's no wonder that those who have loved a Great Dane never want to be without one.

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