This Matt Dillon Action Figure is Perfect for 'Gunsmoke' Fans

Published July 7, 2020 41,892 Views

Rumble He had the fastest draw of the west. He wasn't the sheriff, he was the U.S. Marshal, and he sure wasn't one to be reckoned with. When people came to Dodge City, Kansas, to commit a crime, Matt Dillon made it his business to intervene. Marshal Matt Dillon set a precedent for crime-fighting, and we've admired him since. To keep a piece of 'Gunsmoke' forever, consider a Matt Dillon action figure.

If you were around in 1955, you might remember John Wayne introducing the premiere of Gunsmoke. If our favorite cowboy believed James Arness would be a star, you couldn't disagree, and that's what happened. The TV show went on to be a Primetime Emmy award-winning show.

Gunsmoke is a show many people grew up watching. It was once a popular radio show in the 50s but gained prominence on CBS once James Arness took on the role of Matt Dillon. Fans once had to use their imagination to picture Matt Dillon fighting crime, but TV changed everything.

Gunsmoke coming to TV was the equivalent of a comic book fan watching a live-action movie of their favorite superhero. For many, Matt Dillon was a superhero. For the next 12 years, this TV western held a special place in everyone's hearts.

To this day, you can still catch an episode of Gunsmoke on TV. Just flip the remote to your TV guide, and you'll be able to catch an episode on TV Land. You can visit for more Gunsmoke collectibles. You'll find vintage playsets, and more rare retro finds for Miss Kitty Russell, Chester, and Doc Adams fans in your life.

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