4th of July relaxation with a Yorkshire Terrier

Published July 4, 2020 92 Views

Rumble Like humans, animals are not enjoying themselves when it's very hot outside and hence they try to find a shady and cool place to rest.
This puppy seems to have found the ideal place on his master's sofa.
Yorkshire Terrier is a very small breed of dog, the standard weight of this breed being 3.20 kg and the height between 11-23 cm.
The Yorkshire Terrier is best known for its rich tails with a texture similar to that of human hair. The color of the fur is also unusual, being a metallic blue with gold (brown). He has a cocky stance by holding his head up.Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with attitude. It's a dog that in one second happily nests on its grandmother's knees and waits to be caressed, and in the other second it jumps through the air and sticks in the neighbor's dog to show him who the boss is. Yorkie is ultimately a terrier and will bravely protect his territory.
To keep a Yorkie healthy and fit, daily exercise is mandatory. Yorkshire Terriers love to walk and will trot for miles if allowed. A short walk will satisfy him as long as he can sniff around and as long as he has some mental stimulation. Remember that although he is a small dog, he likes to run, catch and play like any other dog. An adult needs at least half an hour of exercise each day.
The fur of a Yorkshire Terrier should be brushed daily using a brush and comb to make sure you remove all tow. The hair must be untied, brushed and caught again. Keeping an elastic for days will destroy his fur. The fur under and around the tail should be checked. It is also important to pay attention to the hygiene of the teeth, which must be brushed daily, as food debris may remain in the mouth and cavities will form.
With a dog of this breed, you will never get bored and you will certainly laugh a lot at all his funny actions that he takes care to do to the fullest.

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