Amorous parrot lands on tourist's shoulder and refuses to leave

Published June 27, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis little parrot is a resident at a nature park in Papua New Guinea. He lives in a large enclosure filled with tropical plants. Tourists can walk through the enclosure and look at the plants and at the birds. But one little, brightly coloured parrot came down from the trees for a closer look at Dave. She landed on the railing beside him and stared at him curiously.

After a few moments, the parrot flew up and onto Dave's shoulder. She began trying to snuggle with him and she rubbed her belly on his neck like she was nesting. Dave's wife, Kristy thought this was very funny and she began to record this, telling Dave that the parrot was trying to mate with him.
No matter what the motivation, this little bird had found a new friend and didn't want to leave. Kristy tried to get the bird to climb onto her hand but she refused. Eventually, the bird was put back in the tree and Dave made an escape.


  • DavidLim, 1 week ago

    I like the parrot and photography.

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  • BroncoBob, 1 week ago

    If you feel something like a wet 'Q' tip on your shoulder, you'll know he really like you, lol. I've got an African Grey, that's what he does, he has to be kept "at arms length" sometimes, lol.

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  • EmotionsofAfrica, 5 days ago

    He just wants to give you big hug David 😂

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  • What a cute bird! I am new on Rumble guys. Today is my birthday.

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  • Tambo, 2 days ago

    Cool video David, you asked me to comment so you could sub to my channel.

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    • DavidMcNab, 2 days ago

      Thanks. It turns out I had already done so. By subscribing, I will see your videos first in the battle. :)

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      • How can you see who has subscribed to you? I don't get it.

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