Great Dane puppy adorably squeaks her toy with her nose

Published June 26, 2020 5,829 Views $4.88 earned

Raven is a ten month old Great Dane puppy who adores her new squeaky toy. She also adores her brand new mat on the floor in front of the fireplace. Most dogs learn quickly that the toy will squeak when they grip it in their teeth and bite down. But Raven was taught that pushing on the toy would make noise. Now, she puts her enormous nose on the squeaky part of the toy and bobs her head.

Dogs obviously like the noise of the toys, and they probably like the laughter and praise that they get from their humans for doing it.

Raven seems to understand that she is on video, yet again, and she lays her head on the mat and lets out a huge sigh. Seeming to sense how much her family is entertained by her adorable behaviour, Raven even gives a slight tail wag before deciding that it's nap time.

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