Crab steals a GoPro and makes a movie in his lair

Published June 25, 2020 7,991 Views $9.16 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsCrabs are curious creatures. They are also fond of appearing in movies. This Batwing Coral Crab was seen hiding under a coral ledge in Akumal, Mexico. When a camera was placed at the edge of his lair to get some footage, the crab decided he would do more than just appear as the star of the video. The crab decided to become the camera operator and the director as well.
This crab ran quickly at the camera and seized it in his claw. He backed up under the coral and positioned the camera looking right at him. He seems to study the camera curiously and he moves it around in his den, creating some very stunning close up footage of his face, claws and his undersea home.
These crabs can grow to a size of 15 cm across their shell (6 inches). Their claws are large and powerful and he has no trouble moving the camera around easily. In self defence, the crab can draw his legs and claws in tightly to create a tight wall of armour that protects his underside well.
These are amazing creatures to find on the reef.

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