Dogo Argentinos - The Fearless 100lb Guard Dogs | BIG DOGZ

Published June 24, 2020 1,011 Views $0.12 earned

HUGE dogs, originally bred to hunt big game, have evolved into a new breed of protection dog. World Class K-9 has been training and selling personal and family protection dogs for almost 25 years – with a specific focus on the Dogo Argentino breed. Run by Julius Henry and his team, the Georgia-based business is home to the 95-pound Dogo ‘Achilles’, who is Julius’ personal bodyguard. The breed itself was engineered to hunt big game in Argentina, and as such, are incredibly powerful dogs capable of bringing down wild hogs three to six times their size. Julius told Barcroft Studios: “Our dogs are not here to play games. They are trained as professional guardians, like a bodyguard. Achilles has the courage of the biggest baddest Dogo. There’s nothing he won’t do in order to defend me.” Alongside Achilles, World Class K-9 is home to the five-year-old 105-pound Trapial who is also an incredible example of the Dogo breed. “What intrigued me about the Dogo Argentino is their heart,” said Julius. “There’s nothing I can put in front of them that they won’t go through to do their job. They can be as active as you want to be and at the same time they can be as relaxed as you want to be.” Julius sells his sought-after puppies for around $5,000 and his trained protection dogs for between $15,000 and $25,000. And he’s been offered $75,000 for Achilles, but says the prize pup isn’t for sale.

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