Makeover Guy Gives Himself A Makeover

Published June 22, 2020 1,420 Views

Rumble You've been waiting, so, OK! Here's the after. A bit of a parody. But it does illustrate how appearance affects people's responses. It's kind of up to you.
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Christopher Hopkins is an entrepreneur, entertainer, cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado. Affectionately known as The Makeover Guy®, Christopher provides uplifting, inspirational, and informative videos as well as exclusive makeover services.

Most widely known for his dramatic beauty makeovers, Christopher has received standing ovations internationally as a world-class entertainer. As a baritone soloist, he has performed with The Minnesota Orchestra, Hannover Radio Philharmonic, Erie Philharmonic, and the Grand Teton Music Festival.

His best selling book, "Staging Your Comeback" has remained in the top ten in Aging and Beauty on Amazon for over a decade.

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