Dandelion Wine is an Old-Fashioned Liquor You Can Make at Home

3 years ago

Got patches of dandelions popping up on your lawn? Don't spray them with weed killer, pick them and turn them into delicious wine! This dandelion wine recipe is the pergect recipe for first time winemaking. Keep your white wine, I'll have homemade dandelion wine.

To start, collect about a gallon of dandelion flowers in a large bucket or bowl. Remove the green parts before moving on. The green parts on the whole flower give a bitter taste, so stick to the yellow flower heads. Winemakers suggest harvesting the dandelion blossoms and flower petals when they are fully open, usually in the early afternoon.

In a large pot, bring the water and sugar to a boil. In a large one-gallon fermentation vessel, add the dandelion petals, citrus zest, citrus juice, and yeast nutrient. Pour in the boiling water.

In a separate bowl dissolved the champagne yeast or wine yeast in lukewarm water and allow to stand until cool, about 2 hours. Pour the yeast into the container and top with water, leaving at least an inch of headspace for the carboy.

Cap the homebrewing container with an airlock and ferment for three weeks at room temperature or until fermentation has stopped.

Siphon the wine into a clean container and let the wine ferment for an additional 6 to 8 weeks. Once time has passed, Sciphon the dandelion wine into a clean container and prepare it for bottling. Bottle the flower wine into wine bottles and cork. Store the bottled wine in a cool dark place for 2-6 months at minimum before drinking.

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