Athletic Labrador uses wakeboard to fetch ball from pool

Published June 21, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAbby the Labrador was rescued from a shelter. Abby has a tough start in life, she was severely abused and neglected. When her owners saw Abby in the shelter, her only toy was an old bear up tennis ball.

It was love at first sight for the family. It took Abby a while to trust them as she was used to being mistreated by so many people.

Now, Abby loved the good life with her family that adores her. Check out her wakeboarding skills!


  • debdeb, 2 weeks ago

    That's one smart pup!

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  • Sophie___, 2 weeks ago

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  • MacMedia, 2 weeks ago

    Wow, nice balancing

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  • EmotionsofAfrica, 1 week ago

    Super cool dog indeed !

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  • Mustaphaa, 1 week ago

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  • Afaf, 1 week ago

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