2 years ago

Puppies in adorable pajamas drink milk from their mother

These puppies are 7 weeks old. They will soon be going their new homes with their forever families, but before they do, they are being given a pajama party. Eleven beautiful little pups have matching outfits to wear for this special occasion.

Golden retrievers have some of the most adorable puppies in the world. Beautiful dogs with a disposition to match, they are one of the best family dogs you could ask for. When they have been raised by knowledgeable and ethical breeders, like As Good As Gold in Cavan, Ontario, the results are simply perfect. These puppies are the love children of two amazing dogs with personalities that cannot be beat. The breeders here place a high emphasis on nutrition and health, caring for the puppies like they are children. The bond and trust begins at birth and by the time the puppies leave for their forever families, they are already suited for life with children and loving parents. When selecting a good breeder, one of the most obvious things to look for is how much emphasis they place on selecting the right homes.

If they truly care for the dogs enough to place them well and follow up with support, advice, training, and high expectations for their upbringing, the dogs will thrive. People looking for the right dog should also seek advice from veterinarians and other owners. Of course, visiting the breeding site will also tell an owner if the dogs have the right facilities and care. Back yard breeders are common, but easily avoided if those points are followed. These breeders were thrilled and saddened at the same time to see these pups reach the age when they would leave. In celebration, they bought each puppy a pajama set and they dressed them up for a special play time and photo opportunity. Treats and extra love were served up as well while the pups frolicked in the sunshine. And the mother brought the milk.

Every one of these puppies is going to a home where they will be loved and adored, as all dogs should be. A dog is forever. A dog is family. And every dog is As Good As Gold.

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