Bandit - The 130lb Mastiff/Great Dane Bandog | BIG DOGZ

Published June 17, 2020 753 Views

Rumble MEET Bandit - the 130lb ‘Merle King’. Bandit is a two-year-old Great Dane Bandog Mastiff Mix. His striking looks attract attention when he’s out on a walk with his owners Martin, 32 and Lisa Lewis, 36, of Brigg, UK. Martin, a security dog handler, said: “When we're out and about people's reactions to Bandit, it's more I'd say a 50/50 split because people will see his looks, his colour and be like ‘Oh my god, he's so cute, looks like a teddy bear.’ Other people will go ‘Oh my God, look how big he is; I'm off the opposite way'." The couple got Bandit when he was one-year-old and decided to train him in protection and have been delighted with his progress. However, Martin and Lisa said Bandit knows when to switch off from work and be around the family, including their sons Reece, 14 and Logan Foley, 10. They refer to Bandit as a bandog due to him being a working type Mastiff. Martin said: “A Bandog’s characteristics are basically a strong willed dog that can protect its family fiercely but at the same time be cuddled up and act like a family pet.” Martin and Lisa set up their kennel name - Berserker Bandogs and have future plans to breed him as well as entering him in trials. Martin said: “Bandit is our ultimate Bandog because he can do everything we ask him to do - he’d protect the family, to his last breath. He will cuddle up and play with you. He’s just a general great all round dog.”

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