Sodastream Hack: How To Connect Sodastream Fizzi To 5Lb Co2 Tank

Published June 15, 2020 200 Views

Rumble Here I will show you how to connect a 5 pound co2 tank to my SodaStream fizzi machine at home for cheap. First off, I went to my local welding shop to pick up a full co2 tank. All co2 is the same, even the so-called "Food Grade" co2. Don't be fooled with the food-grade co2, it's just a way for people to get discouraged on connecting a bigger co2 tank, hoping you will pay for the SodaStream refills.

After purchasing the co2 tank which cost me $23, I connected my Sodastream adapter to the SodaStream and co2 tank, and that was it!

Purchase the SodaStream adapter, here online:
Purchase SodaStream Fizzi Set Online:

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