Chubby rescue kitty hilariously waddles when she walks

Published June 14, 2020 4,236 Views $0.05 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats big or small are loved all over the world. Now this kitty surely fits the “big” cat figure, meaning she is a little chubby. Wild Birds Unlimited nature centre in Langley, British Columbia welcomes all into its store. Not only are customers welcome, this little (to say the least) yet chubby rescue cat has been welcomed into the store with open arms, by everyone. Kitty was brought into her new life within the Wild Bird store as a rescue that was badly overweight and unable to even walk without assistance.

Slowly she has been getting exercise, and love, within the small confines of the store. Friendly is not the word for this adorable house cat, she will purr like a lion and take in all of your love and belly rubs. With a little scratch on the floor, and few words, Kitty was on her way to visit Brent while he was visiting the store, all in the name os some love and affection. Waddling along, Kitty looks like one of those huge musclebound wrestlers making his way into the ring, but no, it’s just little miss Kitty.

Having been rescued a short time ago, she has already lost one pound, which may not sound like much but for a kitty of this size, it is a dramatic change to her mobility and an accomplishment to bettering her life. As we all know, a little exercise can help us to live much healthier lives. “I can hardly wait to see her transformation over the next few months” Brent mentioned. Adorable!