Our 170lb Black Tri-Colour Bully Is 'The World's Biggest' | BIG DOGZ

Published June 12, 2020 173 Views

Rumble MEET Sirius Black, aka Si, who is thought to be the largest black tri-colour American Bully in the world. His owner, Stacy Slone, 32, of Maryland USA, always knew he was going to be big and is delighted with the way Si has turned out. Stacy said: “He’s 17 months old, 170 pounds with a 27-inch head and he’s currently the largest tri-coloured American bully in the world. “I always knew he was going to be huge and I always thought he was going to become the biggest black tri." Stacy and his daughter, Payton, 12, love the Harry Potter series and decided to name their dog after one of the characters. Stacy, who is also dad to Taylor, four, said: “Si is basically a gentle giant. My daughters lay on him, they play with him, they walk him, he’s always cool, calm and collected everywhere we go. Sometimes if we’re doing videos I’ll have Taylor walk all three of them at the same time and that really goes to show how great their temperament is - that a four-year old could walk what 350-pounds worth of dogs.” Stacy has started training Si to become a service dog, to help those with anxiety.
Stacy and his partner, Harley McGee, 23, run OldBay Bullies and also own female American Bullies - Maia and Godiva. They have recently bred Maia with Sirius and expect the litter to be born soon. Stacy said: “I’m expecting some of the largest tris in the world - obviously it’s coming from the largest tri in the world. What else would you expect?”

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