Daughter is in stitches as her mother fights with reclining chair

Published June 12, 2020 9,460 Views $4.27 earned

Laurie and her mother have a new reclining chair. It was bought for them as a gift by another family member. But, like all new things, there is often a learning curve.

Laurie's mother has settled into her new chair and managed to get the footrest up. The chair has flattened out, placing her at a very reclined angle. She should be able to enjoy some television or even a snooze in this comfortable position. The challenge, however comes when she tries to get out of the chair. Getting the footrest back in and the back of the chair up is not nearly as easy as it seems.

Laurie bursts into fits of giggles and laughter, promising to help when she can get over the amusement. We can hear Laurie struggling to contain herself but she reveals that her ribs hurt from laughing and she is near wetting her pants.

Although the struggle is real, her mother laughs as well, alternating between serious effort and serious amusement. She is determined that the chair will not win this fight and she manages to claim victory in the end.

Slightly exhausted from her three minute battle, she turns and flashes a grin at her daughter, showing that she is a very good sport.

Family moments like these are rarely forgotten. Even if Laurie's mother masters the techniques needed to use this chair, the laughter over this fight will continue for years to come.

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