Adorable baby horse bounces and plays in his pasture

Published June 10, 2020 7,864 Views $5.04 earned

Felix is a three week old foal with a lot of energy and a love for playing and bouncing in the sunshine. He is a happy little horse and his mother is very proud of her new baby. She happily grazes on grass while Felix visits with a new friend and invites him to play and run with him.

Felix' mother, Fling is a very trusting mare who has no problem with Felix making new friends. She keeps a watchful eye as she nibbles grass and hay but she isn't worried at all.

Felix will nurse for several months and he will grow quickly. He will become a very graceful and powerful horse in a very short time. Until then, his days will be spent alongside his mother as he romps and plays, nurses and sleeps, living a great life on this wonderful farm in the country.

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