Video Message from Biden to Floyd Funeral

Published June 9, 2020 2,484 Views

Rumble "Hello everyone on this day of prayer where we try to understand God's plan and our pain. To George's family and friends, Jill and I know that deep hole in your hearts when you bury a piece of your soul deep in this earth. As I have said to you privately, we know...we know you will never feel the same again. For most people the numbness that you feel now will slowly turn, day after day, season after season into purpose. Through the memory of the one they lost, but for you that day has come before you can fully grieve. And unlike most you must grieve in public. It's a burden, a burden that is now your purpose to change the world for the better in the name of George Floyd. Like so many others, I've watched with awe as you summon the absolute courage to channel God's grace and show the good man George was..."

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