This is the Fart Spray That Led a Grandma to the Most Vulgar Response

Published June 9, 2020 14,967 Views

Rumble This liquid fart spray must really smell bad because Grandma not only assumes that she farted, but she told her granddaughter that she smells like cat shit. This is the funniest thing ever.

This prank spray bottle is available on Amazon for under $10. If you're down for funny pranks, you have to give Liquid Ass a try. It's a best seller under Gag and Practical Joke Toys, so it must be as bad as Lynn's Grandma thinks.

Customer reviews are everything. I mean, this customer tells you everything you need to know. Dogs love poop, if they can't handle the smell of the prank stink mist, you know this stuff smells awful. People are saying it smells like sewage, dead animal, skunk, and stinky butt.

"This is what you call thick funk."-Lynn's grandma.

This is a wonderful gag gift. I can't wait to play a fart prank on the entire office. We all know that taco Friday can mess with your belly. If you're the prankster of the family, spray the Liquid Ass fart spray in the living room. Just completely out of nowhere, and watch your family go crazy.

Since coronavirus has everyone indoors, you might as well use liquid ass spray to make things a bit more fun. Grab a bottle from Walmart.

To take the fart spray prank to the next level, place some fake poop in the house somewhere.

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