'Glee' Extras Detail Lea Michele's Diva Attitude

Published June 8, 2020 3 Views

Rumble / Entertainment LifeHow much lower can Lea Michele sink?
Extras from her TV show 'Glee' have come forward and spilled the beans to US magazine.
An on-set source exclusively tells Us Weekly that in 2012 the Glee alum, 33, “couldn’t be bothered” to mingle with the extras and crew.
“Lea would pass by and ignore the extras. I saw other cast members mingling with extras and crew."
“She literally acted like I didn’t exist when I said hello to her. She didn’t even acknowledge me.”
Imia Fleur Edwards worked as an extra on Glee in 2012, tells Us that Michele burped in her face while on set.
“During one of the takes she walked really close to me and made this loud burp almost right in my face as she was passing by."
"She didn’t say ‘Excuse me’ or even acknowledge my presence. No eye contact, nothing.'”

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