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Kit Kat Released a Birthday Cake-Flavored Candy Bar in April

It may not be your birthday today, but today still calls for some birthday cake treats. Kit Kat has announced that they're releasing a Kit Kat Birthday Cake bar. It will be a limited-edition flavor, so be sure to catch them while you can. They'll be hitting store shelves in April. It's so close!

We've seen a lot of birthday cake-flavored food and drinks over the years. From Dr Pepper Birthday Cake to Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream, there are plenty of ways to get your special cake fix any time of the year. Luckily Kit Kat is on board with birthday cake flavor because a crispy wafer and white crème frosting will be so satisfying.

Yay for white chocolate frosting! This is the first time Kit Kat will add sprinkles to a Kit Kat candy bar. What's a birthday cake without sprinkles? Everything the new Kit Kat entails makes it sound exactly like the birthday cakes we love from the bakery.

I have a feeling the Kit Kat Birthday Cake bar will taste like an ice cream cake or birthday cake with buttercream frosting. (By the way, if you need a birthday cake anytime soon, Walmart has the best ice cream cake I've ever had).

Leave the cake mix, Funfetti cake frosting, and cake pans in the cabinet. Once April rolls around, all you'll need to do is visit Amazon or a grocery store aisle for the cupcake taste you tastebuds long for.

It looks like Kit Kat has eight new Kit Kat flavors coming in 2020. Instagram user markie_devo says it's going to be the year of the Kit Kat. Take a peek of what could possibly be in store for us.

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