110,000 Americans Have Died From COVID-19

Published June 7, 2020 393 Views

Rumble A Reuters tally on Sunday reveals the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has killed more than 110,000 people in the United States.
Nationwide protests against racial injustice, triggered by the killing of George Floyd, has sparked fears of a worsening of the virus.
Data on COVID-19 deaths gleaned from states and counties indicate about 1,000 Americans have died on average each day so far in June.
Total US coronavirus cases are approaching 2 million. Brazil follows with about 672,000 cases, and Russia with about 467,000.
Several southern US states have reported sharp increases in the highly contagious and sometimes fatal upper respiratory infection.
Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia are all seeing new cases rise 35% or more in the week ended May 31st, compared with the prior week.