Endangered sea turtle tries to eat swimmer's camera

Published June 6, 2020 2,403 Views $0.99 earned

Scarface is a loggerhead sea turtle with a lovable character. He is well known throughout the world by visitors who are fortunate enough to meet him in the waters around San Pedro, Belize. Loggerheads are an endangered species. It's a treat for guests who come here to meet one close up and Scarface is a predictable sight at this popular snorkel and scuba diving location.

The locals named him Scarface due to the injury on his face and eye that has rendered him partially blind. But despite his setbacks, Scarface thrives here. He is a juvenile and still a long way from the maximum size of almost 1,000lbs that these turtles attain. He inhabits a protected marine park where the animals cannot be hunted or harassed, but he is free to swim in and out as he pleases. There are no barriers here to keep the animals in or out.

Guests come here to meet friendly stingrays and sharks, as well as the occasional sea turtle, like Scarface. He has a voracious appetite and he approaches everybody with curiosity. He will occasionally nibble at tourists or their belongings in an attempt to eat whatever he can. In this video, he is curious about the swimmer's GoPro camera and he tries to get his beak on it, giving a momentary view of the inside of his mouth.

Scarface has been delighting tourists and residents for a few years. Fishermen come here to clean their catch and they will usually have a few scraps for this wonderful turtle.

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