Girl entices wild deer from the forest to eat from her hand

Published June 6, 2020 4,161 Views $0.79 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThere is a beautiful forest in Ontario, Canada where the animals cannot be hunted. They have come to trust humans enough that they will often allow them close enough to enjoy their beauty as they graze contentedly. But, if someone is patient enough to sit very still and quiet for long enough, amazing things can happen.

Serena is an animal lover with a talent for attracting creatures of all kinds. There is no doubt that animals can sense things that we, as people cannot. When she sat almost motionless, the deer were curious and they couldn’t help but come closer to have a look. She had also brought them some corn. As they approached and grazed near her, she sat perfectly still and didn’t make a sound. Eventually, the deer wandered close enough to see that she had a snack for them. Over time, they came to check her out and eat right out of her hand. They circled her and became very comfortable to share this moment in the forest with her.

It is a very peaceful experience to sit in a quiet forest, but even more so to sit in the middle of a herd of wild deer that are close enough to touch. Deer are social animals that communicate with each other constantly through subtle movements. Even the position of their tails and ears send signals to other deer. They are far more aware of our body language, our eye movements, and even our breathing than we realize. As we come to understand this, it becomes more obvious why certain people seem to have an ability to get close to wild animals, as we see in this video.